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Hi Gerard,
My apologies on the typo on Customer Service, I wanted to make a point, and pass this on to you. You most probably are reading this before any of your exec team. Wish you and you team well.

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American Airlines is the inaugural member of my "Corporate Shit List. "

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Good Morning Gerard,
This morning on Twitter Dave Winer (author of RSS and SOAP), put your company on his twitter shit list. I wrote to you in July of 2009. Your team most probably had other important things to take care of other than CUSTOMER SERVERICE

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I recently returned from a memorable trip to Kenya, a once in a life
time trip for most Americans. On my return leg from Brussels to
Chicago, I experienced the worst customer service from in flight
attendants in all my years of travel.

I made some posts about this on twitter and Facebook, but I believe
your awareness that a problem exists, would make the biggest
difference to correct service issues that I noticed on both legs of
the journey.

My family was flying AA 0089 from Brussels to Chicago on 06/30, I was
in seat 33a. The video screen kept flickering at my seat so I called
the attendant. After 3 attempts without a response, I flagged the
attendant in the aisle who told me that they will “Re-boot” the screen
and that I should not touch it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, I
informed the attendant that the problem still existed, at which point
she decided to admonish  me in a loud voice saying “ I told you not to
touch it” , then she turned around and told the second attendant (in a
loud voice) “I don't think he understands English”. The second
attendant then proceeds to talk to me (pausing between each syllable)
that they are not electricians and are not expected to know how these
devices work. I must admit at that moment I truly felt that I was
being treated as a retarded person.

It was very clear that your in flight attendants need a serious
attitude adjustment. The only person who can bring that to them
quickly is you, provided you know a problem exists, hence my note to
you today.

To get to Nairobi, we took American Airlines to Brussels and then
Brussels air to Nairobi, On our way in, there was a consensus among
the family members (we were a party of 7) that American Airlines had
good equipment but the service was a bit sub par and Brussels air had
not so good equipment but great customer service. Sadly my return trip
confirmed our original assessment.

Thank you for listening.

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